2-Year Nursing Programs in the USA for International Students
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2-Year Nursing Programs in the USA for International Students

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking top nursing schools in the USA that provide 2-year nursing programs for international students. These US graduate nursing schools are ideal for a career move.

However, due to a nursing shortage, many colleges offer 2-year nursing degrees to international students. These schools prepare post-high school nurses or practical nurses.

Consequently, graduates of these programs can take the NCLEX and work in hospitals and clinics. These 2-year programs are brief.

If you wish to study an accelerated Nursing school in the US and become a nurse, read on.

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2 Year Nursing Programs in the USA for International Students

1. Truman State University

Truman State University is suitable for nursing, with a tuition fee of $16,712 annually.

Moreover, Truman State University’s accelerated nursing program can be completed in ten months.

The program’s coursework and clinical will also help you succeed in the field.

In addition, this 2-year nursing program in the USA for international students is ideal for professionals or those seeking a career change.

2. California State University – Stanislaus

International students might consider the Accelerated Nursing program at California State University – Stanislaus. Students might specialize in critical care or family practice.

They also have a tuition fee of $40,000.

In fact, ASBSN is offered at CSU-Stanislaus’ Stockton campus in California, one of the best places.

3. Felician University

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in nursing have a fast-track option at Felician University’s Accelerated Nursing program.

In fact, the tuition Fee is $35,700 annually.

4. Grand Canyon University

Grand canyon university offers a 2-year nursing program in the USA with a tuition Fee of $8,250 per semester.

However, Grand Canyon University’s Accelerated Nursing program is an excellent method to become a nurse.

Their curriculum permits working persons to become nurses in two years.

In addition, the expedited program incorporates classroom and clinical experiences, so you’ll graduate with nursing skills.

5. Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago’s accelerated nursing program is suitable for fast-track students.

Infact their bachelor’s and nursing degrees can be earned in two years, which is faster than most programs.

However, like most accelerated medical programs, students must take the same classes in less time.

The tuition fee is $15,230 per semester.

In addition, students must have at least a 3.68 GPA in high school or college to be eligible.

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6. Auburn University

This is one school that can have 2-year nursing programs in the USA for international students.

An accelerated nursing degree at Auburn University can help you enter the field in as short as 18 months.

It also has a tuition fee of $32,220 annually.

Although there are better choices for some, this is an excellent alternative for individuals who want to join the industry soon.

7. University Of Southern Alabama

The University of Southern Alabama’s Accelerated Nursing program lets students acquire a bachelor’s degree and RN license in two years.

In fact, they have a tuition fee is $9,290 per semester

However, the program’s online courses allow students to work full-time while earning a degree.

8. Clemson University

Clemson University has a fast-track nursing program. It’s one of the programs that offer a 2 -year nursing course in the USA.

Moreover, the program helps bachelor’s degree holders enter the nursing sector faster. 

They have a tuition fee of about $38,550.

In addition, their coursework encompasses anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and clinical skills.

9. West Virginia University

WVU is a public land-grant university in Morgantown. In fact, it’s HLC-accredited and has participated in Accelerated Nursing since 2009.

The school has a 2-year nursing program with a tuition fee of $13,680 annually.

However, the curriculum is popular with students who wish to achieve a bachelor and become RNs.

10. Augustana University

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Augustana university in two years if you enroll in their accelerated nursing program.

The tuition fee is $549 per credit hour.

However, it’s a fantastic alternative for students who currently hold an associate’s degree or who have completed required courses at another university.

11. Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma City University’s Accelerated Nursing program is excellent. The expedited program helps you finish your bachelor’s degree and enter nursing in two years.

The tuition fee is $32,744 per year.

It’s a 2-year nursing school in the US that overseas students should explore.

You’ll also take many of the same classes as typical undergraduates in half the time.

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International students should consider 2-year nursing schools in the US. These programs can help you become a nurse in 2 years (or less).

Some nursing schools offer online programs, so working students can study from anywhere.