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10 Sure Reasons you didn’t get the job

 Reasons you didn’t t get the job – There are many different factors that come into play during the hiring process, since each job application, interview, and rejection / success will be unique.  It is almost impossible to predict an outcome; even if you did well in an interview or you had the perfect cover letter, there might be someone with a little extra experience that sets them apart.  The problem is if you haven’t received any comments, you may never know.  If you’ve recently experienced a job rejection and haven’t had any feedback, here are some possible explanations for why.

Reason you didn’t t get the job

  In an ideal world, a job would go to the most qualified candidate.  However, there are many reasons why you might not land a job – even if you have all the skills and experience needed to do the job successfully.  Sometimes an internal candidate has an advantage, or another applicant has a friend on the hiring committee.  Other times, candidates simply kill their chances of being hired.

  One of the inevitable aspects of looking for a job is not getting the job you were hoping for.  It’s not always clear why you couldn’t secure a position that you felt would fit your experience and skills perfectly.  Knowing your reasons for not being hired will help you better prepare for the remainder of your job search and landing an exceptional position.  In this article, we explain why knowing your reasons for not getting the job is important to your future job search success, and the most common reasons why and what to do to fix it.

  Knowing the possible reasons that may prevent you from moving forward with the hiring process will help motivate you while searching for a job.  When you have an understanding of areas you could improve, you can take action to become a better candidate that impresses hiring managers.  Plus, knowing which areas you can improve will help guide you in the right direction while looking for a job and reduce confusion, making the journey more enjoyable.


Reasons you didn’t t get the job

1.    The position was held internally

  This is a common reason you didn’t t get the job, especially at larger companies.  Some companies have policies regarding posting a job for a certain period of time, even if they intend to fill the position internally.  When this happens, you don’t even have a chance to be interviewed.  While this is frustrating for job seekers, it is also part of looking for a job.

2.    You went to the interview unprepared

  When a candidate brings an interview unprepared, this is not only frustrating for the hiring manager, but it is also a complete waste of his time and may be a reason for not hiring you.  Since interviews are usually scheduled days or weeks in advance, there is no excuse for appearing unprepared.  You must know and understand the mission of the company as well as the job you are applying for.  You should be able to demonstrate how your skills and experience meet the job requirements.

3.    You are ineligible or overqualified

  If you consistently apply for jobs with over-qualification or otherwise don’t qualify, don’t be surprised if you haven’t been called up for a job interview.  Although you may think it is a good idea to apply for each job that vaguely fits into your experience, in many cases it will just be a waste of time.  While it’s common to apply for a job a bit outside your skill set, blatantly applying for a job when you don’t meet the minimum requirements is frowned upon.

4.    Your resume is a disaster

 People mistakenly think a typo doesn’t make much difference. on your CV?  A typo can make the difference between whether you get an interview or find your application automatically denied.  Never send a resume that you haven’t run with a spell checker and grammar checker.  Always make sure that your CV has been reviewed by someone who has a good knowledge of grammar.  Your coordination is also important.  Recruiters don’t want to see great resumes, they just want to see resumes that are easy to read.

5.    Your cover letter is foul

  Not every job ad requires a cover letter, but if it does, and you don’t include it, you lose the job.  If not specified, include a cover letter anyway.  Make sure your cover letter doesn’t just re-segment the information on your resume – this is a waste of the employer’s time.  Your cover letter should focus on why you are so suitable for the position.  You should take the stated business owner’s needs and match them with your credentials.  Remember, don’t pretend to be the best person for the job – you just don’t know it and it makes you look like a fool.

6.    You did not send a “thank you note” or follow up

  Whether you scrolled through a phone screen from the first round, or made it to the final interview stage, writing a thank you note to the hiring manager is more than a best practice;  It’s a step that demonstrates your respect for the interviewer’s time, demonstrates your interest in the job, and keeps you on top of your mind during the decision-making process.  Not sending a thank you letter is seen as a major red flag for a potential employer and probably the reason you didn’t t get the job.  Remember, if a recruiter coordinates your interview for you, they will likely facilitate all the conversations that outline your next steps.

7.    You didn’t sell yourself well

  All too often, exceptional candidates miss out on great opportunities because they don’t use interview time strategically enough to sell their skills and experience.  Instead of paraphrasing the skills and experiences already included on your resume, make it clear what exactly makes your background a better candidate.

8.    You did not contact the hiring manager

  At the end of the day, the connection you share with the interviewer will play a major role in their decision to hire you or not.  Even though you may be qualified, have excellent credentials, and been excited throughout the interview, if the chemistry isn’t there you really can’t control that much.


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